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My Heartbleed Recommendations

There are plenty of good resources (and a lot of not so good resources) with information and recommendations regarding the Heartbleed Bug, CVE-2014-0160. My top resource:

If you use LastPass to store your passwords, you can use the LastPass Security Challenge to have LastPass check all of your stored passwords.

LastPass’ checker provides a nice Assessment that tells you whether to chance you password now or to wait.

Once you’ve determined which sites need to update your password, make sure you do the following:

  • Change your password
  • Because Session Cookies may have been compromised – Sign out all sessions. Some examples:
    • In Gmail, scroll to the bottom of you mail window, click ‘details’ in the bottom right, and click the ‘Sign out all other sessions’ button
    • In Facebook click the downward pointing triangle, click ‘Settings’, click ‘Security’ in the left sidebar, click ‘Where You’re Logged In’, and click ‘End All Activity’
  • Remember to change your app specific passwords. While these usually have restricted access to your accounts, these passwords would have been vulnerable to compromise too. Some examples:
    • For Google, go to Account Security Settings, click ‘App Password Settings’, revoke all of your existing App Specific passwords, create new application-specific passwords.
    • For Yahoo!, go to your account settings, click ‘Manage your app passwords’, click ‘Remove All’, and regenerate passwords.

Edit 4/16/14: Removed references to the CNET affected sites list, because it seems to contain false positives. Added a link to The Register’s technical explanation of the bug.