My name is Kenji Yoshino. I am a Computer Security Professional. I am a CISSP and an OSCP. This is my blog/website with tips and tricks and tools for everything computer related and anything else that interests me. Some of my other interests are my dog, traveling, and finding deals.

You can follow me on twitter: @tidgubi. You can download my GPG key at KenjiYoshino.pub to verify the signature of files I post.


I prefer using MacOS for a desktop OS, but regularly use Windows 7 and various Linux distributions as well. I prefer working with Linux for server applications and have been experimenting with Bash scripting. Debian is my preferred Linux distro.


  • Phone: iPhone SE – while a larger screen and faster processor would be nice, I prefer a phone that fits easily in most pockets.
  • Watch: Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm with Cellular) – Use for Apple Pay. I don’t have cellular activated, but figure I should still be able to make an emergency call.
  • Laptop: 11″ MacBook Air – with so much in the cloud, my ancient laptop continues to work fine for my needs (although I would like 8GB of RAM).
  • Tablet: iPad Mini 3 with cellular – for when I need a bigger screen than my phone.
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Anywhere 2 – nice and compact, micro USB rechargeable (so I don’t need to carry spare batteries), and hyper-fast scrolling.
  • Router: Ubiquiti Networks Edge Router X – compact/low power router where I feel like I actually have control over the settings without building full Free BSD router.
  • WiFi AP: Ubiquiti Networks Unifi UAP-AC-PRO – solid 802.11ac access point. I wanted the UAP-AC-PRO couldn’t justify the price difference.
  • Security Key: Yubikey 4 – and independent device for my second factor.


  • Daily Tech New Show podcast – good tech roundup and Tom Merritt works very hard to be unbiased or at least be self-aware enough to let the audience know when he is being biased.
  • Securty Now! podcast – Steve Gibson‘s take on the current security news as well as deep dives into various technical topics.
  • Paul’s Security Weekly podcast – Paul Asadoorian and friends talk security in a curmudgeonly (manytimes crude) atmosphere.
  • Krebs on Security blog – consumer/financial security focused blog.
  • Threat Wire podcast – Shannon Morse provides a quick weekly roundup of security topics.
  • Threatpost blog – If you’re concerned about Russia, this is run by Kaspersky. Quick way to identify security news topics.
  • MacRumors – cell phone and computer rumors and announcements from an Apple perspective.





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