Stopping a Logitech Unifying Receiver from being detected as a keyboard

On MacOS, plugging in a Logitech Unifying Receiver brings up the detect keyboard dialog. Unfortunately this happes every time a user logs in if the user is not an Administrator. Following the onscreen instructions doesn’t work. MacOS just gives you an error, saying you’re using the wrong keyboard. Even opening the System Preferences, authenticating as an Administrator, and trying to configure the new “keyboard” doesn’t seem to work.

The solution I found doesn’t make complete sense from an OS design point of view. You need to log in with an Administrator account. When the Keyboard Setup Assistant launches, click Continue. Press any key on your keyboard. Click Skip when told your keyboard can’t be identified. Select “ANSI” and click Done.

Note: If the Keyboard Setup Assistant did not automatically launch, open System Preferences, click Keyboard, and click “Change Keyboard Type…”.